This is my first attempt at Pyrography! I’ve seen pyrography pieces at Christmas markets, the odd videos on social media and thought it might be an interesting process to try.

So purchased a standard burning pen, found a marked table in need of a good clean and completely sanded it back!

I’d visualised a fern design and decided to go for a fern unfurling, rather than an outstretched fern. Wanted to capture the detail and beautiful curl as it unfurls … probably should have sketched it out first, but I tend to just go for it! Drew a very rough outline and experimented with a very brief bit of burning on a spare piece of wood, before just going for it (as usual) and hoping for the best.

I’d say my technique was pretty rough and not elegant by any means. But led to some interesting effects and marks and overall I really enjoyed the process![thumbnails columns=”4″ pageid=”” start=”” end=”” title=”false” exclude_featured=”true” description=”true”]


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