Jessica Summers Artist

First Pyrography Project

This is my first attempt at Pyrography! I’ve seen pyrography pieces at Christmas markets, the odd videos on social media and thought it might be an interesting process to try. So purchased a standard burning pen, found a marked table in need of a good clean and completely sanded it back! I’d visualised a fern design and decided to go for a fern unfurling, rather than an outstretched fern. Wanted to capture the detail and beautiful curl as it unfurls […]

Felt Rose

Haven’t done sewing in a very long time … the plan was to make a ‘small’ flower, possibly even a badge at the time …. However, I’ve never been very good at keeping things small! The finished piece filled the palm of my hand and was definitely not suitable to be a badge!  

Card Designs

Another part of my journey has been to create a variety of Christmas and seasonal card designs, I haven’t uploaded any since the Christmas cards in 2016. But have been working on a mixture of photographic and mixed media designs since then. The process I was using before made it difficult to get the rich reds and greens desired in most Christmas cards, which led me to create the more cartoonish style animals with the colourful backgrounds. The backgrounds are […]


Visited Krowji for the first time last Thursday … wow, what an awesome place! Met some interesting people and was given some useful contacts, wish I’d known about it a year ago … Watch this space!

Christmas Cards 2016

Decided I was going to have a go at christmas cards this year and these are the results!

Quartz Arts Festival

From the 29th Sept – 10th Oct I will be exhibiting work from the ’15 Years Reflected’ series at the Quartz Arts Festival in Taunton.

Residency At Cornwall College

Coming to the end of an 8 week residency at Cornwall College, St.Austell. Following on from the ‘Hybrid‘ Series, I have now produced ‘15 Years Reflected‘. These images were the starting point of the project, the final series can be viewed in the Portfolios section of this website.


Part of a series I created back in college (4 years ago) and recently included in the exhibition ‘Diagnosis’ at The Musgrove Gallery, Art for Life, Musgrove Park Hospital, Parkfield Drive, Taunton, Somerset TA1 5DA. This series was inspired after a visit to the ‘Shadow Catchers’ exhibition at the V&A in 2010. The works of Susan Derges, Pierre Cordier, Floris Neususs, Garry Fabian Miller and Adam Fuss, generated a desire to explore photographic techniques without a camera. Plants were placed […]

South West Graduate Photography Prize 2014

My work will be featured in the South West Graduate Photography Prize 2014 exhibition in London. The exhibition will be held from 31st October until 2nd November 2014. The address is PHOTOBLOCK, Old Truman Brewery, Shop 12, 91 Brick Lane, E16QL – please see the map below.